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can I take cbd and drive safely? 🚗

can I take cbd and drive safely? 🚗

❔ we get sent a lot of questions & one we have been getting a lot recently is ‘can I take cbd and drive safely?’🚗

🌱 cbd is a compound from the cannabis plant, so there is still a large number of people 🧍🏼who think that driving after taking cbd would be the same as driving while under the influence 🍷

❌ that’s NOT the case ❌

🚘 the high commonly associated with cannabis which could affect your reactions & driving is caused by thc

✖️ thc is ABSENT in cbd products ✖️

❕cbd on the other hand is non psychoactive, so it should have no effect on your cognitive functions

✅ so YES…it’s totally safe to drive after taking cbd 🚙