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how do we absorb cbd pt2

how do we absorb cbd pt2

✌️in this second part we are going to look at absorption through inhalation

💨when we vape or smoke cbd the drug is absorbed into the blood through our lungs.

🫁 as we inhale, air passes through the windpipe into the smaller airwaves called bronchioles – at the bottom of these airways we have lots of alveoli.

💭 these have a bubbly like air sack structure which increase the surface area

🩸they also have a good blood supply to them to allow for the contents of the air to exchange into the blood

☝️you will notice these aveoli are only one cell thick

🔃 with a sieve structure to allow the exchange of small molecules like oxygen , carbon dioxide or cbd to pass between the alveoli into the blood stream.

3️⃣ last method for cbd absorption is through the skin which we will cover in part three