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how do we absorb cbd pt3

how do we absorb cbd pt3

🖐 in this final part we are going to look at how cbd absorbs through the largest organ – the SKIN.

❌ 🩸 unlike edible, sublingual or lung absorption, when you use an ointment or a cream the cbd doesn’t absorb into the blood stream

🎯 But acts on the LOCALISED AREA ONLY on the large number of cannabinoid receptors in the skin

🍰 our skin is made up of a number of layers – kind of like a cake with the epidermis being the natural barrier.

👫 the size of a particle to get through the skin it has to be approx. 1 nanometre with the epidermis being approx. 84,000 nanometres on average (some areas like the feet are thicker and eyelids are thinner)

📍⚽️ in real terms its like getting a pin(the cbd) through a surface which is the depth of a football pitch.

🔃😅 that’s why cbd absorbs through the epidermis using the pores created in the sebaceous glands which are found in the hair follicles and through sweat ducts.

⭐️ once absorbed cbd then act on the cb2 receptors in the applied area – giving localised pain relief and can be good for acne prone skin as it can help reduce sebum production (the stuff responsible for spots)