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is cbd flower legal? 🌻⁠

is cbd flower legal? 🌻
⭐ well it’s a little bit complicated, as there’s two views on the legality of it…leaving it in a grey area⁠

⚠️ cbd dry flower products from hemp are legally categorised the same way as cannabis. ⁠

🌱possessing any part of cannabis and hemp plants remains illegal in the UK when you don’t have a special license to grow them.⁠

💊for the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, it remains illegal to cultivate cannabis (a controlled drug) and is therefore illegal to possess any part of the cannabis plant.⁠

🚫 this means that even though hemp flowers may fit into the legal THC limit for CBD products (less than 0.3%) and is also non-psychoactive; since they are considered to be part of the cannabis plant, they are illegal. ⁠

❕however, this grey area remains because, the law can be interpreted in a different way….⁠

✅ as the flower is not being processed into an extract and is being kept its original form – it remains legal in the UK as it fits all the criteria relating to legal cbd products.⁠

🚬 If you prefer to smoke your cbd over edibles – it can be a useful product as its packed with cbd, cbg, supporting cannabinoids and terpenes which initiates the entourage effect⁠

⭐ just make sure if you do choose to make this purchase of a ‘grey area’ product you are buying from a reputable source that can trace where the flower has come from and that it has been tested.