i take medication, will cbd interact with my prescription medication?

click the link below to use our guide to check if your medicine is affected by cbd.

medicines affected by cbd

i am new to cbd - what should i do?

we have lots of resources for new cbd customers to learn and understand more about cbd before they purchase a product. we also have 'try me' bags which are perfect for cbd newbies. 

click here to see our introduction to cbd series

how does your product compare in price and quality to other cbd edibles available?

we have kept our prices low to ensure our cbd is accessible to everyone. ours uses a high quality distillate, fortified with cbg and also the herbal elements.

what type of hemp do you use and where does it come from?

our hemp is grown in the andean natural region of colombia, and using liquid-liquid extraction rather than co2 which better retains the goodness of the plant.

do you have a novel foods submission?

yes, we are compliant with all documentation submitted to the fsa and are on the novel food list.

cbd novel food list - cbme

why don’t all brands fortify for cbg and terpenes?

its because cbg is actually quite expensive – about 5 times the price of cbd. we believe its so useful we made sure that our product contained a good quantity to experience the full benefits.

traditional hemp plants grown for commercial use do not contain a sufficient quantity of this valuable cannabinoid – so we decided to add more of it back in!

benefits of cbg range from being a supporting antidepressant, pain reliever and at higher doses is a really effective anti-inflammatory.

why do you use flower derived terpenes?

terpenes are lost in the extraction process so we make sure we add them back in. using flower derived terpenes ensures the product is natural.

i am under 18 - can i purchase cbd?

in the uk and europe, under 18s are not allowed to purchase cbd

why do you test your products?                               

as part of fsa regulation some tests are required, however we make sure we extensively test to give full transparency to anyone that uses cbme products.

what is a qr code - how do i use it?

qr codes on our packs take you straight to the product authenticity documents.

to access the code you need to use the camera on your phone and hover over it- this will load up the correct webpage for you.

i got turmeric stain on my fingers - how do i get it out?

with all the good qualities of turmeric, it is still a dye.

however, its really easy to get out

put 1 tablespoons (15 ml) of vegetable or coconut oil into a microwave-safe bowl. put the bowl in your microwave and heat the oil on high for 15 seconds. make sure the oil is warm but not scalding hot.

the pigment in turmeric is more soluble in oil than it is in water, meaning it will lift the stains off easier.

turmeric stained my countertop - how do i get it out?

turmeric comes off really easily on most surfaces with vinegar. just apply to a kitchen towel and a circular rubbing action to remove




i have bought cbd before - how does the dosing work compared to yours?

we have a handy dosage calculator to make that super easy for you – all you have to do is input the container size and how much you currently take, and we will work out the conversion for each of the products.

link to our dosage calculator



my payment was unsuccessful - what do I do?

first thing to do is to contact your bank to make sure there are no issues with the payment method being used. another option is to refresh the payment page and try again. if this problem persists please reach out to us, and we will do the best to assist you.

do you offer a buy now pay later service like klarna?

unfortunately not, as they generally have high rates for their services outside the initial free period, and can put people into unnecessary debt.

why don't you accept american express cards?

american express don't currently allow payments for cbd products.



i have an affiliate code - how do I redeem it?

the code will automatically be applied at checkout using the link your affiliate has provided.

i have discount code – how do I redeem it?

the code can be entered at checkout.

can I use more than one voucher code?

sadly not - only one discount code can be applied per purchase.

can I use a voucher code more than once?

codes can only be used once, after which they will expire.

my voucher code didn’t work - what do I do?

ooopppssss… sorry about that! please just drop us an email at hello@cbmecbd.com, and will do our best to help you.



how do I know the product has been dispatched?  

you will get an email sent on the day of dispatch. if you have junk filters on your email account, make sure you have a quick check in the folder if you haven’t seen it in your inbox

when will my order be dispatched?

we ship all of our products the next working day if you order has been placed before 5 pm (monday - friday).

what are my delivery options?

we can ship products in the uk and throughout europe.

products are shipped within the uk for FREE using royal mail first class so they should arrive the following day.

if you want the product in a hurry or want it tracked there are options available to do so but there are additional charges, just select the delivery option at checkout.

if your product is being shipped internationally please allow up to 5 working days for delivery via royal mail international.

can I track my order?            

yes – for a small charge we can send your product tracked instead of regular first class. just choose this option at checkout.

where do you deliver to?                 

we can deliver anywhere across the uk and throughout europe.

how long will it take to receive my order?

products are shipped the next working day within the uk using royal mail first class so they should arrive the day after shipping.

if your product is being shipped internationally please allow up to 5 working days for delivery via royal mail international



I was part of a giveaway via an influencer – how do I get my prize?

congratulations on winning! your prize will be organised with your influencer but delivered through us. this can take a few days depending on the influencer. if it’s been over a week, just reach out via email and we will resolve it for you. 



where can I leave you written reviews?                              

we would love to hear your feedback and for you to share your thoughts with other customers. 

reviews can be left on trustpilot and google reviews





are there any allergens in the product?

all our products are free of most common allergens, however we would always recommend you read the ingredients before trying our products. 

are your products vegan?

yes! you can rest assured that all our products are vegan friendly.

are your products gluten free?

yes! they are completely gluten free             

are your products dairy free?                       

yes! they are completely dairy free

are your products nut free?

yes they are. however they are made in a factory that manufacturers coconut oil products. 

are your products halal or kosher?

unfortunately not, we don’t have halal or kosher certification as yet. the products are all natural.

are your products sugar free?

relieve is a no added sugar product, but does contain natural sugars. uplift and relax both have a small amount of sugar added during the drying phase of the fruit.



i love your learning sections, but there’s a video I would like you to make - how can I request one?

thank you! we really glad you are enjoying our content! we would love to hear your suggestion, all you have to do is send us a message on hello@cbmecbd.com.

for any cbd specific questions - check out our video blog 

any other questions – drop us an email on hello@cbmecbd.com