our story

we didn’t only set out to make cbd products, we set out to make a difference.

the inspiration for the brand came as both myself and my mum were using the same cbd product - but for totally different reasons! 

we wondered, what if...

we could combine the best quality product with everyday value?

and make natural products with low or no added sugar taste great?

our educational content could change perceptions about cbd?

and… better still what if we could do all of that whilst having a social impact by giving back to those who need it most?

so right from the get go our goals were simple

we built the products we all wish existed, we are educating consumers about the benefits of cbd, and doing good by giving back to charitable causes.

rather than a one size fits all product, we made sure that everyone can get what they need and want, with a personalised experience - cbd with purpose! 

we hope we are achieving our goals with cbme! 

my inspiration

cbme my inspiration

i have been using cbd for quite a while now to help manage stress and for general wellbeing. it has just become part of my morning routine with my cup of coffee. ☕️

we all know those days where the task list feels like you’re going to have to multiply yourself just to be able to make a dent in it. 

cbd gives me a sense of calm so I can mindfully tackle the day ahead! 

my mum, mina, on the other hand, uses cbd for her joint pain, which she started suffering from as she got a little older.

admittedly, she was a little sceptical at first as all mums are…is it drugs, will it make me high, is it legal?

after learning more from her trusty google searches  and discussing with me, she decided to give it a go, and hasn’t looked back! 

she still uses her other meds prescribed by the doctor, but since she added cbd into the mix, she isn’t taking as high a dose of those stronger prescription painkillers that can give undesirable side effects.

we both ended up using the same product, but for completely different reasons...so the inspiration came to me! 💡 wouldn’t it make more sense for us to have products that suit us both better!

why have a one size fits all, when I could create something that was personalised to our specific needs. and better yet, took a holistic approach… by having other beneficial herbs which support our cbd. 

i started to put all the skills from my pharmacy degree to use! (we learnt more than just how to stick labels on boxes…🤣!)

hours of reading everything I could get my hands on about cbd and ayurvedic medicine, and began formulating in the kitchen! 📖

after months of testing on my friends and family to perfect the recipe, we created our first three blends… uplift, relax and relieve. 

all the business stuff came straight after, found a great manufacturer , designer for all the packaging  and got to work on the regulatory stuff. 

a big part of that we wanted to do as a brand – was the education on cbd and hemp. which is what myself and georgia started working on together,  with our short videos – which we hope everyone is enjoying and have gained benefit from. these can be and can be found in the educate section on the website and our social media. 


our cbme team:  

bhavin cbme blue swiggle

bhavin morjaria - founder and cbme chief product creator. registered pharmacist for over 10 years. 

loves a bingeable tv drama, quiz show or documentary, and a board game enthusiast!

favourites include the office, game of thrones, taskmaster, the chase and the sopranos! 


georgia cbme purple swiggle

georgia thomas - marketing and cbme educational content creator extraordinaire! first class masters graduate from the university of cardiff. 

avid singer who loves to belt out some of her favourite ballads. top hits on her spotify playlist include anderson.paak, queen bey, j cole and all time favourite bryson tiller.