video reviews

we love to hear the experiences of everyone that uses cbme fruit products, and leaving a review with us, will donate £3 to crisis, giving someone an initial needs assessment - a crucial first step in defining the ongoing support needed, to ensure crisis can help them in the best way possible.
not only that, we want to give you something back too….. every video review gets entered into a monthly draw: the winner will get their last order resent totally free….! 
to enable us to share your great feedback with other potential customers we ask if you could follow a few guidelines so we can post them on our social media.
if you haven’t made a testimonial video before we have a few tips to help….😊
1) use a well-lit area
2) sound can be an issue so headphones(with a mic) could be useful
make sure you fill the screen, and not too far back from the camera and you are the main focus of your feature production
3) don’t worry if about editing the video if you don’t know how to – we will take care of that for you

a few questions we would like you to cover in the video

  1. What product did you get? How long have you been using it for?
  2. What was your first impression when you saw the product? What features attracted you to the product?
  3. Did it fix an issue/problem you were having?
  4. How did the product make feel? Were your expectations met / exceeded? What did you enjoy the most about the product?
  5. Have you used any similar products? Was ours better / if so how…?
  6. Do you think it could help other people ? Would you recommend to a friend/family?
  7. What would you say to someone thinking of trying cbd fruit?

to upload your video just click this link on your phone

step 1: press ‘Add Files’

cbme review step 1

step 2: click photo library as the source

cbme review step 2

step 3: select the video you want to upload - then press 'done' on the top right

cbme review step 3 

step 4: in the name section – add your name with instagram handle, and enter your email address so dropbox can send you a confirmation

cbme review step 4

 step 5: press Upload

cbme review step 5

and you are done….you will see a confirmation screen that the video has been uploaded!