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use a piece of pineapple to get a plant powered uplift – getting your day off to the best start, or use as a pick me up anytime you want that little extra boost.
uplift is there whenever you are feeling like your balance is off, your focus is misaligned, or your calm has been disrupted.

our functional pineapple pieces can support your body to deal with stress, and when taken regularly can improve the body’s resistance to daily stress.

use uplift for when you want to be at your best. helping to maintain mental balance and giving optimal cognitive ability and focus to zone into your daily tasks.

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chew each piece thoroughly to release the coating giving an almost instant effect.

cbme fruit pieces are generously coated in our uplift cod blend rather than infused.

allowing the blend to absorb though the mucus membrane under the tongue for faster effect.

the remaining cbd blend will then absorb through the digestive tract when swallowed giving our body a second chance at absorbing all the natural goodness and providing a longer lasting effect that will take effect with the ashwagandha and probiotics.

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Weight 180 g
Dimensions 13 × 4 × 19 cm

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