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what is full spectrum/broad spectrum/isolate cbd?

what is full spectrum/broad spectrum/isolate cbd?

⭐ if you have tried cbd or are thinking of trying it – you are going to encounter the following terms so we thought it would be good idea to know what they mean ….⁠

🌻 cbd is extracted from the hemp plant – mainly from the flower which holds most of the good stuff⁠

😊 extracted can have three different end products : ⁠

full spectrum extract: it’s as close to what nature made – this is the whole plant with nothing removed from it– (that’s because we do lose some terpenes in the extraction process)⁠

broad spectrum: all the goodness of a full spectrum product but has the illegal thc extracted from it. ⁠

this means you STILL get the full benefit of the cbd and its associated cannabinoids…with the entourage effect (we have a video on how this works)⁠

lastly you get isolate cbd. sadly you do not have any of the benefits from the entourage effect as it contains only the cbd compound. ⁠

⚠️ these products tend to be cheaper as they won’t give you the same absorption and effect as your broad or full spectrum product….⁠

💰these products also tend to be cheaper due to the reduced cost of the ingredients…so it is better to pay that little bit more for the added effects of broad spectrum cbd