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what to look for on cbd lab reports pt 1

what to look for on cbd lab reports pt 1

❗when it comes to technical data these things can always be confusing so here are some pointers for looking at reports: ⁠

1️⃣ the first test you are going to look at is the Certificate of Analysis or Authenticity (CoA)⁠

⭐ this will tell you how much of each cannabinoid is in your product.⁠

📱to find the lab report you can scan the QR code on a pack using your phone – or go on the website where it will be clearly labelled.⁠

🤩 you will see that the product has been signed off which means its passed (phew)⁠

2️⃣ next thing is the %w/w which means weight in weight – which is a technical term of saying how many grams are in 100g of product⁠

⭐ so if it says:⁠

1 %w/w that means there will be 1g (1000mg) of CBD in 100g of product.⁠

that means in a 1g of the product there will be 10mg of cbd.⁠

so if the edible you had was 5g total per piece you would be having 50mg of cbd.⁠

👁️ keep an eye out for our next video that will cover other tests you may come across.